Swiss business managers and shopkeepers are unanimous in stigmatizing the system of corporate financing in Switzerland. Today there is a big problem in the business creation and the maintenance of the existing business. The financing of a new activity is difficult and reserved to only a few sectors. We wish to break this spiral and offer support to each business manager of our network.

You have met banking partners but you couldn’t convince them of your potential. A financial agency is ready to support you, but the administrative approaches and the times of decision are too long for you. You don’t have time to lose, but you want to win money.

So many reasons which push you to call on an experienced partner able to find winning solutions. That is the Remicom network : experts who know the network of the financial world and are at your disposal to find the best solution for your business.

The access to the financing of a new activity should not be reserved for a sort of business or a small part of business managers. We want to support the greatest number by our assistance.

The power of our network will help you to prepare the financial plan which will support your activity. Our financial specialists have strict criteria of evaluation which will avoid problems and multiple “round trips” of your commercial file in the financial institutions. We are working hard so that you can concentrate on your business. Our success is to bring you on the way of yours.

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